Why I'm Running

I am running to bring compassionate conservatism to the Alberta Legislature.

I have spent my life working and serving in the Edmonton community. I am committed to advocating for issues that concern Downtown Edmonton and Alberta. Together, as one unified voice, we can bring about changes to Edmonton’s core that will help local businesses, prevent and relieve homelessness, and enhance our city. As your voice, I will listen, support and advocate for a better Edmonton and Alberta.

We deserve a government that will stand up for Albertans.  We need to ensure equal opportunity for prosperity of all Albertans and leave a sustainable province for future generations. If elected to be your UCP candidate and MLA I will:   

  • Defend our energy industry and the jobs it creates.
  • Scrap the job-killing carbon tax and cut government waste.
  • Protect Alberta families and get tough on crime in Edmonton.
  • Champion a more efficient healthcare system that puts the needs of patients ahead of bureaucrats in Edmonton.
  • Defend the rights of all Albertans, including new Canadians in our Capital city.

In the spring of 2019, I’m committed to restoring transparency and respect to government. But I can’t do it alone. With your help, Alberta will once again become a beacon of hope and prosperity to other provinces and countries.